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Extra Activities

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Understanding Plant Cells

View Exhibit ButtonStudents will learn to identify and label the parts of a plant cell and experience using microscopes and preparing slides. More >>

Self Directed Waterwheel Experiment

View Exhibit ButtonThis activity helps students better understand the power of water and use creative problem solving to construct a waterwheel to harness hydropower. More >>

Waterwheels and Waterpower Experiment

View Exhibit ButtonIn this activity students will build a waterwheel and use it to conduct a waterwheel experiment. More >>

Reading and Analyzing Diaries

View Exhibit ButtonHere students can analyze and use diaries as research sources and practice expressing thoughts and experiences through either words or drawings. More >>

The Water Cycle and Watershed

View Exhibit ButtonStudents will locate their local watershed on a NYS Map and research information using the online resources provided to answer questions. More >>

Writing and Acting Plays

View Exhibit ButtonThe purpose of this activity is to understand the importance of theater in small town life during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. More >>