About Hanford Mills Museum

The Mill’s authentic and extensively documented site inspires the Museum’s unique interpretation and activities. The Museum believes that the operation of the Mill site is a powerful experience that can be balanced with careful preservation. There are valuable lessons to be learned from agrarian communities.

The complex layers of Hanford Mill’s history offer many different stories, perspectives and experiences. By bringing to life historic choices and processes, Hanford Mills can offer insights about the past and inspire thoughtful and creative decision making. Hanford Mills generates powerful messages about the effect of technological changes on community life, especially the impact of energy and technology on rural communities. The Museum explores technological innovation, for example, how processes change even as products and services remain the same.

The Museum’s primary responsibilities are:

  • the thoughtful preservation, restoration, and operation of the Mill and its collections
  • accurate collection, research, and documentation of the Mill and its community
  • the creative interpretation and presentation of the Mill site and its community
  • the effective communication to and involvement of its stakeholders