Programs At Hanford Mills Museum

 Hanford Mills Museum is hosting the 2018 annual conference for the Society for the Preservation of Old Mills (SPOOM). You can find more information about the international organization on its website and more about the 2018 Conference here.

Hanford Mills Museum offers special events, festivals, workshops, lectures and hands-on learning for adults, families and children.

The Independence Day Celebration, Antique Engine Jamboree, Woodsmen’s Festival, and  Ice Harvest Festival offer you history-themed family fun.

Once a month from May through September, enjoy Free Family Saturdays.

If you’d like to have an in-depth, hands-on learning experience, sign up for a workshop where you can pursue your interests and explore a new hobby.

Join us out in our local communities for the Cooperstown Graduate Programs collaborative Let’s Talk series where you can join the conversation of past and present issues.

Hanford Mills Museum also offers dynamic field trips designed for students K-12, and also can bring the lessons of Hanford Mills to your school or organization.