Hanford Mills Museum – A Piece of History in East Meredith, NY

Experience a story of innovation, ingenuity and entrepreneurship at a historic working mill site. Sheltered in a valley in the northwestern Catskills of New York, Hanford Mills Museum offers insights into the past and lessons about the relationships between people, the things they make, and the places they live.

Hanford Mills Museum is currently closed for the season. Learn more about our story, explore our collections and resources, or participate in an off-site program until we see you in May 2024.

At this point, we cannot hold our Ice Harvest this year. The mill pond continues to have about 3 inches of ice (half of what we need in order to harvest). Looking at the extended weather forecast, we expect that we might keep most of that ice but the temperatures will not be cold enough for more ice growth. If winter conditions should change by the end of February, we will revisit our plans.
Visit our 2024 Ice Harvest page for updates.

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