Hanford Mills Museum – A Piece of History in East Meredith, NY

Experience a story of innovation, ingenuity and entrepreneurship at a historic working mill site. Sheltered in a valley in the northwestern Catskills of New York, Hanford Mills Museum offers insights into the past and lessons about the relationships between people, the things they make, and the places they live.

Join us on July 20 for our Dairy Exploration Day when we will be churning ice cream!

Discover the beauty of the site and power of the mill on tours offered four times a day, Wednesday through Sunday. See sawdust fly and feel the site come to life during demonstrations of the mill’s water wheel and historic machinery and explore the rest of the historic site. Take part in hands-on opportunities connecting water, sustainability, and the environment and witness the effects of technological innovation, creative decision-making, and resource management.

  • Volunteers, Members, Donors, and Sponsors power the Museum’s success. more »
  • Guided tours feature water-powered machines operating as they did a century ago. more »
  • Experience dynamic and engaging hands-on learning in an historic setting. Programs for adults, families, and schoolchildren (K-12). more »