Learn with Hanford Mills

Waterpower and the Mill Environment

Grades: K-12 $3.00/student

2 1/2 hours, 60 students max

Natural resources like wood, water and grains were important in the success of Hanford Mills and many other Mills. Explore the role of natural resources through a tour of the Mill and a walk to identify trees and tree uses, see the sawmill operating and participate in a grade-appropriate hands-on activity:
Grades K-8: Waterwheel & Hydropower activity
Grades 9-12: Comparing Water, Steam & Gas Power

New York State Learning Standards:

  • Social Studies—1, 4
  • Math, Science, Technology—1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

COMMON CORE Standards:

    Grades 4-8:

  • ELA—RI, SL
  • Math—OA, NBT, MD, EE
    Grades 9-12:


To register for this program, contact Luke Murphy, Education Coordinator.

If you would like to find activities related to the Waterpower & the Mill Environment program and its themes, click the links below:

Try any of these activities even if you don’t plan a visit to Hanford Mills Museum. Used in your classroom or with your family, they are a great way to extend your Hanford Mills Museum learning experience.