Learn with Hanford Mills

Ice Harvesting

Available January – February only

Grades 2-12 $3.00/student

2 hours, 50 students max

The Ice Harvesting program allows students, accompanied by Museum staff, onto the Mill Pond to harvest ice and then load it in our ice house. Students will learn about the science of ice, and understand why ice harvesting was important to farms and homes in upstate New York in the nineteenth century. This program incorporates the use of historic tools, documents, and other materials from the Museum’s collection. Early booking is recommended because the number of times it can be offered is limited and this program is dependent on weather.

New York State Learning Standards:

  • Social Studies—1
  • Math, Science, Technology—1,4, 5
  • ELA—1

COMMON CORE Standards:

  • ELA—RI, RF, SL
  • Math—OA, MD

To register for this program, contact Luke Murphy, Education Coordinator.

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