Learn with Hanford Mills

Same Past-New Understandings




Learn about the history of Hanford Mills Museum.


Students will read an historic overview of the Hanford Mills Museum and will answer questions based on their reading.



  • Preparation Time: 10 minutes
  • Class Time: 45 minutes


  • Have students read the article, “Same Past – New Understandings”, either silently or aloud as a class.
  • Discuss the article as a class. The following questions can be used as a guide:
    • What kind of place do you think East Meredith is?
    • What causes our perceptions (how we see) of historical events to change?
  • Ask students to consider what else they would like to learn about East Meredith or Hanford Mills during their visit to the Museum and to write it down on a piece of paper.
  • Discuss your planned visit to the Museum. You may want to refer to our General Pre-visit Orientation activity.
  • What did you learn about history from this article?



  • Class participation in discussion and activity (speaking and listening)
  • Reading comprehension


NYS Learning Standards:

  • ELA Standard 1
  • Social Studies Standard 1


Vocabulary & Spelling Words:

History – – n. the record of past events and times.

Nonprofit – n. an organization formed for the purpose of serving a public or mutual benefit other than the pursuit or accumulation of profits for owners or investors.  Non-profits are not governmental.  Examples include museums, hospitals, charities and schools.

Past – n. what has existed or has happened at some earlier time.

Research – n. an investigation into a subject in order to discover facts and theories.

Restore – v. to bring back to an original or normal condition.