Learn with Hanford Mills

What is a Community: Post-Visit




Apply lessons about the community at Hanford Mills Museum to the community that students live in, will understand how individuals and organizations in a community rely on one another.


Prompted by questions, students will review and discuss their visit to Hanford Mills Museum as and will analyze the relationship between businesses and other important organizations and individuals in their own community.


  • A large sheet of white poster paper
  • A marker


  • Preparation Time: 5 minutes
  • Class Time: 30-45 minutes


  • Review your visit to Hanford Mills Museum.
    • Discuss specifically the East Meredith Community
      Questions to ask:

    • What did you learn about East Meredith during your visit to Hanford Mills?
    • How is your community similar to East Meredith?
    • How is it different?
  • Discuss the importance of businesses and organizations like Hanford Mills within their respective communities in the past. Why was the Mill important to the people in East Meredith?
    • Discuss the Mill’s importance within the community today.
      Questions to ask:

    • Why do you think the Museum is important to the community today?
    • What does the Museum do for the community?
    • As a class, create a list on the sheet of poster paper of businesses and organizations that are important to the school’s community.

    • Is there anything in our community that reminds you of the Mill in East Meredith?
    • Why is that business, organization, etc. important to our community?
  • Discuss the relationship between the school’s community and those businesses and organizations.


  • Participation in class discussion (speaking and listening).

NYS Learning Standards:

  • ELA Standard 1

Vocabulary & Spelling Words:

    Business – n. a company or other group that buys and sells goods or services in order to make money.

    Community – n. a group of people who live in one area, such as a town, under one government.

    Organization – n. a group of persons acting together for some purpose.