Learn with Hanford Mills

The Elementary Water Cycle




Better understand how people can use the water cycle as a source of power.


Students will draw their own diagram of the water cycle at Hanford Mills Museum.



  • Preparation Time: 5 minutes
  • Class Time: 30 minutes


      • Discuss your visit to Hanford Mills Museum
      Questions to ask:

    • Where did you see the water cycle at work at Hanford Mills?
    • Where did the mill get its power?
    • What did they use the power for?
    • How could we have made our experiment different so that it reflected what happens at Hanford Mills Museum?
    • Give each student a blank template.
    • Ask the students to complete the diagram, including all of the components they think are important.
    • Go over the diagram.


  • Participation in class discussion
  • Finished diagram of the water cycle at Hanford Mills, complete with the important components listed above

NYS Learning Standards:

  • ELA Standard 1
  • Math, Science and Tech. Standard 1