Learn with Hanford Mills

Geography: Learning About Your Community


Better understand how people can use the water cycle as a source of power.

Students will review what they learned about the East Meredith community and then analyze their own community.

The large sheet of white poster paper from pre-visit activity

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Class Time: 30 minutes

Discuss your visit to Hanford Mills Museum.

Questions to ask:

  • What did you learn while you were there?
  • What did you learn about the East Meredith community?
  • Ask students to compare and contrast East Meredith and their community.
    How are the two communities similar?
    How are the two communities different?
  • Ask students to look at the white paper. Ask if they can think of any of the following business, organizations, etc. that are in their town that are not listed. Add any new ones to the list.
    • School
    • Grocery Store
    • Doctor
    • Hardware Store
    • Post Office
    • Firehouse
    • Clothing Store
    • Hotel/Inn/Motel/etc.
  • Ask students to name any other important entities. Discuss what their responses mean. If any of these are not in your town, discuss with the students why they think that may be the case.
    • Is your town large or small?
    • Is it close to a larger place? How is the larger place different?
    • What makes it easier for people today to travel to these important places fairly quickly in all seasons?

    Class participation (speaking and listening)

    NYS Learning Standards:
    ELA Standard 3
    Social Studies Standard 3

    Vocabulary & Spelling Words:

    • Business – n. a company or other group that buys and sells goods or services in order to make money.
    • Community – n. a group of people who live in one area, such as a town, under one government
    • Organization – n. a group of persons acting together for some purpose.