About Kevin Jensen

Kevin Jensen has been on the HMM team since 2020. His contributions to the team include interpretation, the demonstration of the vintage machines in the Mill, the research and documentation of our collections, and the stewardship and preservation of our historic power generation systems and buildings. Kevin grew up in the Catskills and has a passion for the rural industrial history of East Meredith and its surroundings. This, along with his lifelong passion for woodworking and carpentry made Hanford Mills Museum a natural fit. Kevin also loves the fact that no two days are the same and each brings about new projects and opportunities. While on-site, he enjoys watching the shafts and pulleys that bring the power of the waterwheel to our woodworking machines. In fact, when not at the mill, you’ll probably find Kevin exploring his woodworking interests or snapping photos that show his passion for photography. He also loves any book chronicling the adventures of Sherlock Holmes.