About Hanford Mills Museum

Opportunities for Businesses

A Smart Business Decision that Connects to your Goals

Your business’s support of Hanford Mills Museum is an investment that pays many rewards:

  • Locals and visitors have a place to learn about history, science, engineering, entrepreneurship, and natural resources, all in a beautiful and bucolic setting.
  • History and science lessons come to life as schoolchildren watch the 1926 Fitz Overshot Waterwheel power pulleys, vintage woodworking machines and the saw mill.
  • Expert-led workshops offer people the opportunity to pursue an interest in woodworking, farmhouse cooking, steam power and a variety of other topics.
  • Vintage tools and machinery are preserved and restored, so they can continue to demonstrate the stories and innovations of the past.
  • Friends and families enjoy a day of fun and learning at Hanford Mills Museum’s special events.
  • Long-forgotten memories surface as people visit the Mill, the John Hanford Farmhouse, and the Museum’s other historic buildings. Memories are shared, connections strengthened.

Your company’s financial support will enable Hanford Mills Museum to provide more opportunities for people to make connections that add meaning and understanding to their lives. Corporate sponsorship at Hanford Mills Museum will connect you with local residents and  visitors who come for our unique special events, fun children’s activities, hands-on workshops, lectures, and other programs. We look forward to crafting a sponsorship that meets your company’s needs. Please contact Beth Rafter for more information.